In 2019, We're Celebrating Our 62nd Anniversary! 

At Long Hill Baptist Church, we praise God for sustaining this local assembly in Trumbull.   Our history began on March 13, 1957, when the former Baptist Temple of Bridgeport, Connecticut, voted to sponsor a Sunday School and Morning Worship service in the Long Hill area of Trumbull.  

Our first service was held on April 28th, 1957. An Organizational Service was held for the church on January 30th, 1958 with 47 charter members in attendance. Our meeting place for all Sunday Services was the Jane Ryan School (until our current building was completed in the Summer of 1967).

In September of 1962, our church voted to purchase our present property consisting of 2.83 acres for a cost of $18,000. On Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 1962, a service was held to dedicate the new church property.

On June 9, 1963, a ground-breaking service was held for the parsonage.  The parsonage was ready for occupancy in November, and dedicated on January 5, 1964. Volunteer labor on the part of the church members kept the parsonage cost to a minimum.

On August 7, 1966, a ground-breaking service was held for the church. The building committee acted as contractor with Mr. Everett Hallquist as superintendent. We are grateful to him for his dedication to the work and the many extra hours he contributed to our church building. On July 2, 1967, our first service was held in the new sanctuary.

We are indebted to many of the churches in the Trumbull area for frequent use of their facilities and to the Trumbull Board of Education for the use of the Jane Ryan School for many years.

Over the years, many people have come to know Christ as their Savior.   As a result, countless lives have been changed for the glory of God.  Individuals have found their purpose in Christ. Marriages and families have been healed.  And people have come to know freedom from bondage to various addictions.  In all of this, Christ has been glorified.

Pastors throughout our history:

(1957 - 1961)  Rev. Maurice Lundh
(1962 - 1964)  Rev. Blaine Zimmerman
(1964 - 1967)  Rev. Daniel Lambrides
(1967 - 1972)  Rev. Earl Lassen (Passed away Oct. 23, 2017)
(1972 - 1976)  Rev. Emy Malakoff
(1977 - 1982)  Rev. Roy Bohanan
(1982 - 1991)  Rev. Robert Swanson
(1991 - 1993)  Rev. Robert Harrell
(1994 - 2009)  Rev. Mark Aheron
(2009 - pres.)   Rev. Robert Hammond

Pastor Hammond and his family have been members of Long Hill Baptist Church since 1998.  In 2007, Pastor Hammond earned the Master of Biblical Studies degree from Emmanuel Baptist Theological Seminary. On July 12, 2009, he was called to serve as our interim pastor.  On January 17, 2010, we voted unanimously to call Pastor Hammond as our pastor.  Since that time he has pursued additional training at both the Bible Baptist Theological Seminary and the Hope Biblical Counseling Center in Little Rock, AR. 

You're invited to visit us this week - and find your place in the history of Long Hill Baptist Church.