Download the King James Bible for PowerPoint. 

Long Hill Baptist Church of Trumbull, Connecticut is pleased to offer the complete King James Bible in PowerPoint format for teaching purposes.  You may download the files today.  See details below.

About the King James Bible in PowerPoint format:

  • No special software is required (other than Microsoft PowerPoint);
  • Each slide contains one verse;
  • Each slide incorporates room to add teaching notes if desired;
  • Users may edit the PowerPoint template to change fonts, colors or background;
  • Includes all books of the Bible;
  • For academic interest, we also include the so-called apocryphal books.  (We do not view the apocryphal books as Scripture).

How May I Obtain the King James Bible in PowerPoint?

  • If possible, please make a donation to our church in any amount that you choose.  If you cannot make a donation, please send your request to
  • To donate by credit card or debit card, click the black "donate" button below;
  • To donate through PayPal, click the yellow "donate" button below.
  • When your donation is received, we will e-mail a link to download the files. 

Click the black button BELOW to donate by credit card / debit card: 


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Thank you, in advance, for any amount you may choose to give. 

In Christ,

Pastor Robert Hammond
Long Hill Baptist Church
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Trumbull, CT 06611
(203) 268-5104