Get the King James Bible in PowerPoint Today

We are pleased to offer the complete King James Bible in PowerPoint  format.  These are simple, customizable PowerPoint files.  You may receive the files by e-mail today.  See below for details. 

About the King James Bible in PowerPoint:
- No special software is required (other than Microsoft PowerPoint);
- Each slide contains one verse;
- Each slide incorporates room to add teaching notes, if desired;
- Users may edit the PowerPoint template to change fonts, colors or background;

How May I Obtain the King James Bible in PowerPoint?
Most people offer a donation.  If you would like to make a donation, please click the "donate" button below. Typical donation amounts are $5 - $25.  When making your donation, please be sure to provide your e-mail address so that we may send the files.  (NOTE:  If you cannot make a donation, please just e-mail your request for the files to

Click below to send your donation via PayPal (A Paypal account is NOT required).