Download The King James Bible for PowerPoint

Long Hill Baptist Church of Trumbull, Connecticut is pleased to offer the complete King James Bible in PowerPoint format for teaching purposes. These PowerPoint files are used in churches throughout the United States and around the world.  See details below.

About the King James Bible in PowerPoint format:

  • We do not charge any fee to use these files; 
  • We include all books of the Bible;
  • Each slide contains one verse and incorporates room to add your own teaching notes, if desired;
  • If desired, you may easily customize the fonts, colors and background to fit your specific needs; 
  • Note:  For academic interest, we also include the so-called apocryphal books.  (We do not view the apocryphal books as Scripture). 

What people are saying about the King James Bible for PowerPoint:

  • The King James PowerPoint files have saved us untold hours...They are particularly helpful with chapter studies.  Thank you...  - John A.,  Belton, Texas
  • The PowerPoint has been great for our Church... Very thankful for it.Jimmy M.

  • Having the KJV in PPT has been a real blessing...Thanks for making this great resource available!  Matt Y., Fort Worth.

How to obtain the King James Bible in PowerPoint:

  • If possible, please make a donation to our church in any amount that you choose. 
  • To donate by credit card or debit card, click the black "donate" button below;
  • Alternatively, you may donate through PayPal by clicking the yellow "donate" button below.
  • When your donation is received, we will e-mail a link to download the files. 

If you are unable to make a donation, simply send your request by e-mail to

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Thank you, in advance, for any amount you may choose to donate. 

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