Download the King James Bible in PowerPoint 

Long Hill Baptist Church of Trumbull, CT is pleased to offer the complete King James Bible in PowerPoint format - for a donation of any amount.  You may download the files today.  See details below.

About the King James Bible in PowerPoint format:

  • No special software is required (other than Microsoft PowerPoint);
  • Each slide contains one verse;
  • Each slide incorporates room to add teaching notes if desired;
  • Users may edit the PowerPoint template to change fonts, colors or background;
  • Includes all books of the Bible;
  • For academic interest, we also include the apocryphal books.  (We do not view the apocryphal books as Scripture).

How May I Obtain the King James Bible in PowerPoint?

  • Please make a donation to our church in any amount that you choose.  Typical donations are in the range of $10 - $20.  Some give considerably more. If you cannot make a donation, send your request to 
  • To donate by credit card or debit card, click the black "donate" button below;
  • To donate through PayPal, click the yellow "donate" button below;
  • When making your donation, please be sure to provide your e-mail address (so that we may send your link to download the files)

Click the black button BELOW to donate by credit card / debit card: 


Click the yellow button BELOW to make a donation via PayPal:

Thank you, in advance, for any amount you may choose to give. 

In Christ,

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