what church services ARE like at long hill baptist church:

  1. We're not just "playing church."  Christ is changing lives here at Long Hill Baptist Church!
  2. We don't expect people to "clean up their lives" before they come to church. Come as you are!
  3. We take care to not embarrass visitors in any way!
  4. We don't just talk about Christ; We teach people how to find true hope in Jesus Christ.  
  5. We teach what the Bible actually says - and how it applies to your daily life.
  6. We care about young people -- and we offer age-appropriate Bible classes for youth
  7. We're a diverse group of people from a wide variety of ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.  But we have Christ in common! 
  8. We'll help you find answers and get thoroughly grounded in the Bible -- through both our weekly Sunday school classes for all ages (10 AM) and our 11 AM & 6 PM Sunday preaching services. 
  9. We're happy to offer a free ride to any church service (and back home!)  Call or text 203-543-7456. Or send an e-mail to office@LongHillBaptistChurch.com
  10. If you desire, our pastor and will meet with you privately (Pastor meets privately with men; Pastor and his wife meet together with ladies and couples)
  11. There's ample opportunity to get involved in serving God here at Long Hill Baptist Church. 

OUR Location & SCHEDULE:  


We're located at 100 Middlebrooks Avenue in Trumbull.  Middlebrooks Avenue may be accessed from either Main Street (Rt 111) or Church Hill Road (Rt 127). Click here for driving directions

Our Weekly Schedule:


  • Coffee & Pastries - 9:45 AM 
  • Sunday School - 10:00 AM
  • Sunday Morning Worship Service - 11:00 AM
  • Sunday Evening Worship Service -   6:00 PM


  • Bible Study & Prayer Meeting - 7:00 PM 

Have questions?  Please call us at 203-268-5104 or send e-mail to Hammond.Robert@gmail.com

We hope to meet you this week!