Learn to Read the King James Bible: How & Why

Pastor Bob Hammond

At Long Hill Baptist Church, we use the King James Bible (Authorized Version) for all teaching and preaching.   While some modern versions can be easier to read, we observe that the King James Bible is the only version that provides an accurate translation of all of God's words.  

A variety of excellent tools are available to help believers learn to read and understand our King James Bible.  One such tool is a booklet titled, "Understanding the King James Bible: Why Use the King James Bible and How to Understand it" by Dave Olson. (52 pages, including a 10-page dictionary of unfamiliar words).  

  • Shows why the King James Bible should be used instead of modern versions;
  • Provides some common reasons for not understanding what you read in the Bible;
  • Gives some tips on how to understand the English used in the King James Bible. 

 The cost is $3.00 per copy.   Order from Help4U Publications at:  http://www.help4upublications.com/product/understanding-the-king-james-bible/

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