Addiction help is available here. We offer free, private biblical counseling in Trumbull.

At Long Hill Baptist Church in Trumbull, we understand that addiction is a serious challenge.  People from all walks of life are experiencing difficulty with alcohol, prescriptions medications, and other drugs.  Others are dealing with eating disorders or addiction to pornography.  Thankfully, the Bible has real answers that help people overcome addiction.  It would be our privilege to share these answers with you. 

  • We do not charge any fees;
  • No matter your situation, there is hope available in the Bible;  
  • We offer counseling that is based exclusively upon the Bible;  
  • We understand that, in some circumstances, medication-assisted treatment can be wisely utilized in conjunction with biblical counseling;
  • Counseling is provided by Pastor Robert Hammond.  His wife also attends all individual counseling sessions with ladies.   

Please see the important disclaimer below:

Pastor Hammond is trained in biblical counseling. He is not a medical professional or licensed counselor.  He only offers pastoral counsel from the Bible.  He does not offer psychoanalysis, psychotherapy or any other diagnostic or therapeutic services that would typically be provided by a licensed professional counselor, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist or other medical or counseling professional.  

We are located at 100 Middlebrooks Avenue in Trumbull, CT. 

To get started, please contact Pastor Hammond at 203-268-5104 or via e-mail to


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