Plan now to attend our 2019 Baptist history conference with Dr. Ted Alexander

Sunday, Sept. 8 - Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019
Long Hill Baptist Church, Trumbull, CT

Dr. Ted Alexander
is an evangelist who serves as director of The Baptist Heritage Revival Society, a ministry of the Cozaddale Baptist Temple of Goshen, Ohio.

Why is it important to learn about Baptist history?

1. Baptist people have become so ignorant of their heritage that we are experiencing and identity crisis in our young people. Because our young people don’t know why they are Baptist and have no idea of the price that was paid to perpetuate our faith, our young people are leaving our churches in mass and going into the Emergent church and Reform movement. 

2. There is a Biblical mandate for God’s people to both know, appreciate, and perpetuate our heritage to future generations. This will be covered in our meeting. 

3. Baptist people are ill prepared to endure any persecution that may come upon us because we are largely ignorant to the millions of martyrs who have laid down their lives for the Lord Jesus Christ.  

4. We have become completely detatched from our ministry model as Baptist people. Our  forefathers never knew of a mega church. But they were very learned on how to birth a church. 

5.  The results of our severance from our doctrinal heritage as Baptists include:  a move away from the local church, a disregard for the sanctity of the ordinances, man worship, pragmatism, and a redefinition of repentance as simply changing one’s mind.

6. Because Protestant Fundamentalism has arisen as the replacement of our Baptist heritage, ecclesiastical separation has suffered great violence. 

7. Because America was built as a Baptist nation, if we do not know our heritage, we cannot understand our country, it’s founding, nor proper civil government. 

8. The origin and importance of liberty have been forgotten.